Factors That Should Be Considered While Buying Electronic Cigarette

Today’s e cigs are available in various shapes, form and performance too. This often leads to a general confusion among potential and actual customers as to which one is worth buying and how it’s best to choose the best and suitable piece. At this moment, I would like to provide a guideline to help you to choose their e cigs. But first of all, let me share some interesting information about the history of vaping. In fact, its way older than one would think.

The ancestor of vapers

Vaping’s most famous ancestor is the traditional waterpipe (often simply referred by its Indian name: Hookah or its Arabic name: Shisha). It is a habit of Indian origin, which has been a widespread habit in the Islamic and Asian countries for over five centuries. Today, there are growing number of Shisha bars in Europe and the North American continent, and they operate with sound success. The method of water pipe was the first one where they use water to filter out the most toxic ingredients of tobacco smoking.

How to choose which e-cigarette is best for you

Let’s get to see some of the key aspects one should consider when buying a vaper.

1. The size: it depends on where you plan to use your vaper. While most sizes are portable, there are lighter and larger ones and the bigger ones are more comfortable to use when you are at home or staying at a place for a long time.

2. The shape: while the vapers’ shape is mostly similar to the one of a real cigarette, there can be differences, especially in the case of the higher performance devices, which are larger and their cartridge is more box shaped. There are instant e cigs, their size and appearance is the same as of the real cigarettes. However, the atomizer in these cannot yet sustain a longer term usage. That’s why most vapers which are produced for longer term usage are larger than a cigarette, and their size is rather similar to cigars.

3. The performance: as written above, the higher performance e cigs are large in size and so they are also quite expensive. Therefore their handling is different from the general smoking mechanism. Users should check for the exact length of time an atomizer can be used within the device, as these have to be changed from time to time. It is wise to choose a device, the atomizer of which works at least a good few months without changing. If you are looking for a tool that works for years without its atomizer requiring changes, then go for a higher performance device as it is better for long-term investment.

4. Attractiveness: vapers are available in different color just similar to accessories. Moreover, some of them are even decorated to make them look more tempting.

Last but not least: you can always switch vapers, depending on the occasion or on the frequency of their use.